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Gender Diversity – The EU Legislates

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Fidelio’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is known and is evident through our Search, Evaluation and Development assignments. Broadly we see clients who understand the benefits of diversity and the imperative of inclusion. Our role is developing a pathway towards greater diversity and identifying the Board and leadership talent to achieve that objective. Indeed 52% of Fidelio’s recent Search assignments have resulted in female placements and 30% of placements have been of minority ethnic origin.

While corporate and investor consensus may be building, the regulatory frameworks within which companies operate vary. True to form, what works in one jurisdiction, does not in another.

In this Overture we take a snapshot of different routes to gender diversity:

  • UK – Name and Shame

  • Germany – Frauenquote

  • EU – Agreement on Non-Executive Representation!

Most significantly, the recently introduced EU Directive represents political agreement on Gender Balance on Corporate Boards. The Directive quite rightly focuses on the appointment process to Boards. Fidelio’s observation on the EU Directive is that its success will rest strongly on process and transparency. This chimes with our experience. The reason that Fidelio is able to consistently achieve genuine gender balance in our Board and Executive Search process is an exceptional network combined with a rigorous process. Our approach to Search:

  • clarifies expectations for the role and builds alignment

  • guides Nomination Committees and candidates through a professional and well understood process

  • provides comfort to all stakeholders

  • delivers excellent candidates who succeed in role

Fidelio’s footprint is already international with 50% of our work beyond the UK and we look forward to supporting companies across the EU to fulfil the ambition for gender balanced Boards set out the in June Directive.

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