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Sustainability and diversity are hardwired into Fidelio’s approach to evaluating, developing and building highly effective Boards


ESG is no longer optional; it has moved incontrovertibly to centre stage

Fidelio's approach reflects this across:





The link between Board Evaluation, ESG, and access to capital is becoming more explicit.

Our Evaluations therefore have a clear focus on the role of the Board in embedding ESG, which is reflected in our methodology and integrated into our recommendations.


Increasing the diversity and ESG capability of Boards and leaderships teams is a consistent outcome of Fidelio’s searches.

In keeping with shareholder and stakeholder expectations, we routinely screen for ESG competency throughout our Search assignments. We also ensure, by developing compelling and distinctive candidate briefs, that we always attract a strong pool of diverse candidates.


Fidelio supports Boards with developing effectiveness and awareness, in particular around ESG.  

Fidelio’s approach to Board Development is interactive and designed to frame the questions that Boards need to be addressing, as well as frameworks which provide oversight and assurance. 


Fidelio’s co-founder is a Board Member of Chapter Zero, the Directors’ Climate Forum, and Fidelio has been recognised for the fifth consecutive year by the FTSE Women Leaders Review for our contribution to increasing and promoting gender diversity in the Boardroom.

Fidelio regularly hosts roundtables on behalf of the German British Roundtable, which exists to deepen and strengthen relations between Germany and the UK, building bridges through dialogue between senior business leaders and engagement with political leaders.

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