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What's in a Day?

Updated: 3 days ago



Fidelio wishes our friends and clients a thoughtful and enjoyable celebration of International Women’s Day with its focus on inspiring inclusion.

Expectations are of course myriad. A senior woman commented rather wistfully this week what about the other 364 days of the year? Others think about a world where gender parity is so much the norm that a dedicated women’s day becomes redundant. 

But this is far away. Yes, there has been progress towards greater gender balance, but it is often patchy and frequently positions of power and influence, as well as key sectors of the economy, remain strongly male dominated.


In our latest Overture dedicated to IWD, we are pleased to share recent Fidelio research and thought leadership focused on promoting gender balance in the Boardroom and throughout the organisation. We hope you enjoy the selection. Click here to read the Overture


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