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Board effectiveness is critical to scaling and Board Evaluation provides a practical tool to that end. 


Fidelio brings to Board Evaluation a deep understanding of shareholder and stakeholder expectations for the Board and leadership team, as well as the connection between Board effectiveness, strategy, and valuation

"As the Board Secretary, it was a pleasure to observe how Gillian managed to quickly establish a great level of trust with all the Directors involved in the evaluation process. This created the opportunity for truly candid and constructive feedback, which brought visible results, immediately!"

Company Secretary

Large Multinational Engineering Corporation 


Fidelio Board Evaluations are characterised by:


  1. Our forward-looking approach and clear focus on value

  2. Our deep understanding of shareholder and stakeholder expectations, and commitment to ESG

  3. Our feedback, which is tailored and insightful, with succinct practical recommendations

We work in partnership with Chairs to understand Board priorities, build trust, and develop bespoke evaluations.


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Client Priorities: Fidelio delivered a first-time external Board Evaluation for this large blue chip multinational, with a focus on the dynamics of the Board and its oversight of transformation.


Outcome: Our recommendations included guidance on shifting the balance between strategic and operational oversight, aligning the Board’s activities to the new corporate structure, and enhancing sustainability governance. Fidelio also compiled a detailed benchmarking report in parallel, covering thematic international best practice on key aspects of governance & Board effectiveness.

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Client Priorities: Fidelio delivered two successive Board Evaluations of this dynamic extractives company with a complex shareholder structure. A focus in the most recent evaluation was supporting Chair transition, as well as shareholder engagement. ​

Outcome: ​​Through observations, interviews, and a review of Board materials we were able to build a rounded picture of Board dynamic, structures and effectiveness. Key themes were Board alignment;  strategy; and ESG. Our recommendations focused on supporting Committee Chairs; giving comfort to investors on governance processes; and building out induction of new Board Members.

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Client Priorities: Fidelio delivered Board Evaluations for the international and fast-growing portfolio companies of an alternative asset manager. The purpose was to drive sustainable value ahead of planned shareholder exits.


Outcome: Fidelio focused on Board remit and embedding ESG throughout the Evaluations. Our recommendations focused on enabling the portfolio Boards to ensure sustainable value while retaining dynamism. We also provided ongoing support with implementation of our recommendations, including developing innovative progress trackers, and designed follow up Board Development programmes for portfolio Directors. 

"What came across to me is the quality of the work. Listening in advance to the topics that are key to the Chair, weaving these into the interviews and then providing feedback that very much helps with alignment in a thoughtful, non-confrontational way."


FTSE 100 Organisation

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Client Priorities: Fidelio conducted a Board Evaluation for this systemically important charity following a period of considerable scrutiny. Priorities included supporting the new Chair in ensuring effective governance following transformation change, as well as oversight of a very significant endowment fund. 


Outcome: ​As well as in-depth interviews and observations, Fidelio conducted a peer review survey and feedback was prepared on an individual basis for all Trustees.​ Findings and recommendations focused on ensuring that Trustees were well equipped to navigate the major changes underway as well as harnessing the benefits of diversity through DE&I. This included building Board cohesion, as well as clarifying authority frameworks.

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Client Priorities: Fidelio conducted four concurrent Board Evaluations for Group and subsidiary Boards of a FTSE 250 bank and wealth manager operating internationally, with a focus on ensuring Board effectiveness in the context of a complex governance framework.

Outcome: Fidelio composed individual reports for each subsidiary, and findings were fed into an overarching report for the Group Board. Recommendations included mechanisms for ensuring that the current Board, Committee and subsidiary structure worked effectively. Other major themes included building Board oversight of culture while maintaining entrepreneurialism and embedding ESG at Board as well as operating level.

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Client Priorities: This leading provider of office space and business services appointed Fidelio to conduct an Evaluation following a considerable period of Board refreshment. The implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on induction, communication, and dynamic were key areas of focus.


Outcome: ​Fidelio conducted interviews with all Executive Committee Members as well as the Board to inform our recommendations for enhancing engagement and communication. Feedback also centered around shareholder engagement with institutional and other shareholders, as well as providing guidance on the Board’s contribution to ESG.

Gillian leads Fidelio Partners' Board Practice.

She is a Board Member of Chapter Zero, the Directors’ Climate Forum; a Board Member of the German British Forum; and President of the Trinity Hall Association, and a Member of the Stipends Committee, Trinity Hall Cambridge. Gillian is also an Honorary Fellow of the UK IR Society.

Gillian served as an Independent Board Member of Jaguar Land Rover India and a Member of the Harvard Business School Alumni Board (2015-2018).


Gillian headed Global Investor Relations for Volkswagen and UBS and started her career with the Bank of England.

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Gillian - Karran Cumberlege

Head of

Board Advisory

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