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Technology, Boards, and The Limits to Disruption

Technology-driven disruption has become a fact of business life, and it’s a subject which Fidelio deals with on a daily basis through Search and Evaluation.

Yet the success and rapid growth of many businesses is starting to reveal ethical, societal and regulatory limits to technological disruption, providing major challenges for Boards. Successful Chairs are putting in place the diverse skills needed to ensure that Boards are capable of nimble and flexible responses to support innovation, as well as sound judgement and advice on reputational and ethical issues, so that their businesses do not become casualties of a changing world. In this Overture we look at some of the specific challenges of technology-leveraged business models facing Boards, including:

  • Social media platforms

  • Service platforms

  • Outsourcing labour, working conditions and the gig economy

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Fair taxation

  • FinTech

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