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What's New: Webinar: The Role of the Chair: From Sainsbury's to the Parker Review and Beyond

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Building Board & Leadership Capability for a Fast-Changing World

Fidelio provides advice and support to Chairs across all aspects of their Board leadership. 

The role of the Chair is pivotal and can be isolated. Leading the Board for the sustainable success of the company requires the highest order of integrity, emotional intelligence and business and governance experience. Fidelio provides independent and trusted counsel to support the Chair in discharging her or his responsibilities. 

Fidelio Partners Board Development & Executive Search Ltd
60 Petty France - London - SW1H 9EU

+44 (0) 20 7759 2200

Fidelio Partners LLP is a company registered in England and Wales with Company Number OC345377.
VAT Number: 26589683

A key focus for the Chair is building a Board with great judgement. Achieving this is a rich blend of composition and diversity; a trusting and open dynamic; and practical process and great materials. Fidelio guides and supports the Chair to build and develop the Board for performance and leadership. 

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