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What's New: EV or not EV – that is the question. German British Roundtable Webinar. 

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Insightful, forward-looking reviews; practical, tailored recommendations 

Board performance is critical to an organisation’s success and the Fidelio Board Performance Review delivers insightful, forward-looking assessment and practical tailored recommendations to improve performance. Fidelio brings to the Review a deep understanding of shareholder and stakeholder expectations for the Board and leadership team, as well as the connection between Board performance, strategic success, and valuation. 

Forward looking approach recognising that each Board is distinct and tailored to the opportunities and challenges the company faces. 

Focus on the Board’s judgement and decision-making capability – cutting through the noise and navigating complexity. 

Strong understanding of shareholder and stakeholder expectations, including growth trajectory, sustainability, culture, and diversity & inclusion. 


Fidelio Board Performance Reviews are characterised by: 

We work in partnership with Chairs to understand Board priorities, build trust, and develop practical recommendations. 

“Gillian managed quickly to establish a great level of trust with all the Directors involved in the evaluation process. This created the opportunity for truly candid and constructive feedback, which brought visible results immediately". 

Company Secretary  

Large Multinational Engineering Corporation

"What came across to me is the quality of the work. Listening in advance to the topics that are key to the Chair, weaving these into the interviews, then providing feedback that very much helps with alignment in a thoughtful, non-confrontational way."


FTSE 100 Company

Leading Industrial / Tech Multinational
Board performance review, peer review, and governance benchmarking

FTSE 100 Extractives
Two successive external Board performance reviews

Private Equity Owned Renewable Energy
Board performance review and Board development programme

Major National Disabled Charity
Board performance review and peer review

FTSE 250 International Bank and Subsidiaries
Main and Subsidiary Board Performance reviews

FTSE 250 Property and Business Services
Two successive External Board performance reviews and support to subsequent internal reviews

European Systemic Banks
Board performance reviews of 4 systemic banks in a European country on behalf of the regulator

FTSE 250 Entertainment / Technology
Two successive external Board performance reviews, Chair advisory, and Board development

Global Healthcare Foundation
Board performance review

Major European Grocery Retailer
External Board performance review and implementation support

Offshore Financial Centre Regulator
External Board of Commissioners performance review

FTSE 250 Transport and Logistics
External Board performance Review

Gillian leads Fidelio Partners' Board Practice.

She is a Board Member of Chapter Zero, the Directors’ Climate Forum; a Board Member of the German British Forum; and President of the Trinity Hall Association, and a Member of the Stipends Committee, Trinity Hall Cambridge. Gillian is also an Honorary Fellow of the UK IR Society.

Gillian served as an Independent Board Member of Jaguar Land Rover India and a Member of the Harvard Business School Alumni Board (2015-2018).


Gillian headed Global Investor Relations for Volkswagen and UBS and started her career with the Bank of England.

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