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ED&I is hardwired into Fidelio’s approach to evaluating, developing and building highly effective Boards 

ED&I and the People Agenda are an increasing focus and priority for all Boards. Every aspect of Fidelio’s engagement with Chairs and Boards is underpinned by a deep commitment to diversity and understanding of how this supports Board effectiveness.   

Chair Advisory

Chairs value cognitive diversity and are alert to stakeholder expectations. Fidelio advises Chairs on developing diversity in the Boardroom, the interaction between diversity and effectiveness and navigating shareholder and stakeholder expectations.

Board & Executive Search

Increasing the diversity of Boards and leaderships teams is a consistent outcome of Fidelio’s searches, as demonstrated in our placement statistics. Our track record in advancing particularly gender and ethnic diversity reflects Fidelio’s diverse network, as well as a Search process that is designed to attract diverse Candidates who will flourish in the role.  

Board Performance Review

Diversity is a key thread of every Fidelio Board Performance Review. This includes Board oversight of ED&I, the People Agenda and employee engagement. Fidelio brings analysis and practicality to ED&I which is  integrated within our recommendations. 

Development and Succession

Fidelio supports Boards and business leaders to ensure that their organisation has the culture, framework and polices to support diversity and inclusion, developing dynamic in the Boardroom. 

Accreditations & Partnerships

For the seventh consecutive year, Fidelio has been accredited by the FTSE Women Leaders Review for our contribution to increasing and promoting gender diversity in the Boardroom. We are proud to be recognised for our best practice gender-balanced selection standards in the 'FTSE 350'. Fidelio are also signatories of the Standard Voluntary Code of Conduct.  

From 2021 30% of Fidelio’s Board and Executive Search appointments have been from an ethnic minority background, reflecting our commitment to the Parker Review.  

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Fidelio Partners LLP is a company registered in England and Wales with Company Number OC345377.
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