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Building Back Better

Build Back Better - Why "A Seat at the Table" Matters The focus has to be “build back better”. This term has been with us for a long time, favoured by disaster recovery agencies. Surely today it’s a concept of huge relevance for society and the economy as a whole. Government, business and the third sector, as noted by Andy Haldane, Chief Economist, Bank of England, will all have a critical role to play in building back better. The contribution of Boards and business leaders will be vital. There can seldom have been a time when A Seat at the Table” mattered more. Through Evaluation, Development and Search Fidelio is supporting clients to navigate the current downturn and contribute meaningfully to the recovery. And we are already seeing governance holding up better in this crisis than the last with Boards:

  • Supporting the Executive to keep the show on the road

  • Working through tough decisions, e.g. on cash conservation, furloughing and dividends

  • Building a pathway towards a sustainable recovery, frequently using an ESG framework

Arguably the Board - with its oversight function at the fulcrum of shareholder and stakeholder interests, as well as short and long-term horizons - has a unique contribution to make to building back better. Fidelio will honour this in our highly regarded Board learning Programme “A Seat at the Table”. Now in its 8th iteration (15th-16th September), this international Programme brings together highly experienced Chairs and Board Directors, along with governance and behavioural experts, to hone the leadership attributes that will be critical at the Boardroom table. Fidelio’s primary research into the five key attributes of successful Board leadership underpin this unique two-day Programme; they resonated five years ago when “A Seat at the Table” was launched and are all the more relevant today:

  1. Understanding the complexity of shareholder and stakeholder expectations for the leadership team

  2. A firm grasp of governance, including formal and informal power structures

  3. Presence and authority; personal impact; the ability to influence

  4. Reinforcing networks; networks of support and networks of reciprocity

  5. Resilience under extreme pressure

Key takeaways from the Programme are practical tools to enable Board Directors succeed to and at the top table:

  • A framework for understanding leadership structures and styles;

  • A mirror for personal presence including within a group dynamic and at the Boardroom table;

  • A road map of critical networks and milestones to achieve professional and personal objectives.

These practical tools will also enable Boards contribute to building back better for the company, society and the environment.

To learn more about Fidelio’s “A Seat at the Table”Programme and Fidelio’s contribution to building back better, please contact Amy at


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Gillian - Karran Cumberlege

Head of

Board Advisory

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