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AI – Who Governs?


The governance of AI has been firmly on Fidelio’s agenda throughout 2023.

In March we collaborated with the German British Roundtable to host ‘The Challenge of Regulating AI’, which explored steps that are being taken internationally but in particular in the EU and the UK to create a regulatory and oversight framework for AI. Our speaker was Lord Clement-Jones, previously Chair of the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Select Committee and Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence.

In September Fidelio’s co-founder moderated a panel “AI: Unravelling Potential” at Trinity Hall, Cambridge with speakers bringing distinct perspective on AI and showcasing the depth of talent at the University: Hatice Gunes, Professor of Affective Intelligence and Robotics; Dr Marcus Tomalin, specialist in Automatic Speech Recognition systems; Charles Radclyffe, former Head of AI at Fidelity International and CEO of EthicsGrade, a generative AI ESG-surveyor; Dr Estara Arrant, a researcher specialising in computational language analysis; and Karsten Wenzlaff, an Alternative Finance Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Hamburg...

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