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The Death Knell of ESG?



There is much in the public debate about the demise of ESG. Fidelio has a strong track record on

advising Boards on stakeholder expectations and accountability to stakeholders; we therefore remain

close to this issue.

In the US the rift between Democrat and Republican States on the environment and diversity issues

has attracted much attention. In the UK, the Corporate Governance Code refresh has been subject to

a rethink prioritising competitiveness over ESG red tape. Equally, politicians seem to be getting cold

feet across the world about promoting green agendas; and a number of high profile investors have

raised questions about whether the framework for ESG is the right one.


Ironically, this political and regulatory reversion comes at a time when many companies and Boards

are working through major transformations and committing substantial investment and resource to

ESG aligned strategies. Fidelio’s Board composition and evaluation assignments indicate that Boards

are paying more, not less, attention to ESG...

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Gillian - Karran Cumberlege

Head of

Board Advisory

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