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Advising Chairs - Building Boards - Creating Value

Companies and organisations with effective, high-performing Boards will outperform and thrive. Fidelio advises and supports Chairs to build and develop Boards that add value for shareholders and stakeholders.  Through Board and Executive Search, Board Performance Review, and Development & Succession we enable our clients to build Boards with great judgement.  

Fidelio is valued and trusted for quality of advice, independence of thought and excellence in delivery.

A high-performing Board needs cognitive diversity and a firm grasp of shareholder and stakeholder expectations, including climate-change competence, to oversee the transition to a sustainable business model.

Sustainability and ED&I

Sustainability and diversity are hardwired into Fidelio's approach to reviewing, developing and building highly effective Boards. 

Thought Leadership

Fidelio brings independent thinking and original research to our Board practice and our clients - essential to navigate an uncertain future.

A high-performing Board requires access to fresh insight and innovation for a future that is not templated.

Events & Learning

Fidelio regularly hosts events for Chairs and Board Members to explore key governance challenges across a range of sectors and geographies.

Fidelio Partners Board Development & Executive Search Ltd
60 Petty France - London - SW1H 9EU

+44 (0) 20 7759 2200

Fidelio Partners LLP is a company registered in England and Wales with Company Number OC345377.
VAT Number: 26589683



Practical, tailored, and timely advice on all aspects of Chair leadership.

Fidelio provides a trusted, independent and highly experienced sounding board.



Fidelio consistently delivers highly successful and diverse Search outcomes drawing upon an exceptional international and senior network.


Fidelio has an international track record in delivering thoughful and independent Board Reviews, with practical recommendations focused on performance.



Fidelio supports Boards and individual Board Members to enhance performance and effectiveness
whilst embedding
best practice.

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