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EV Leadership

As we move beyond COP 27 it is clear that electric vehicles are one very important component on the road to Net Zero. Fidelio’s locus is the leadership required to ensure that the electrification of the car fleet delivers the promised solution that society and the planet so desperately needs.

This was a key strand of a recent discussion hosted by Fidelio and the German British Roundtable entitled ‘The Automotive Sector / Challenge & Opportunity / Supply Chain & EVs’. We were joined business leaders from the UK and Germany from the automotive sector but also the supply chain and energy providers. We also welcomed Matt Western, MP for Warwick and Leamington and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Electric Vehicles and the All-Party Parliamentary Motor Group. Key themes emerging from the discussion included:

  • We are clearly at a critical inflection point for EV roll out both in terms of the commitment required and potential opportunity

  • EVs represent a main strand of the transportation solution but other technologies – particularly for larger vehicles – will be critical

  • Currently the infrastructure to support EVs requires substantial investment but energy generation and distribution in particular in the UK is changing fast, and we may be looking at very different models

There are also clear leadership implications for all companies in the electric vehicle supply chain. Vital leadership attributes include:

  1. A Board and leadership team that is able to engage effectively across the eco-system – this form of collaborative leadership has been identified as critical for the pathway to Net Zero.

  2. A Board with a robust understanding of the science behind the decarbonisation proposition. As scrutiny increases, including the charge of greenwashing, leaders need to be clear about the claims being made as to what the business is contributing and its targets. The Board also needs to be confident that the decision making behind both claims and targets is robust and defensible.

  3. Given that government will play a vital role in EV role out, setting direction, incentivising investment and ensuring infrastructure, Boards in this sector need to be able to work effectively with government either directly if a big player or through industry bodies. A recent Chapter Zero / McKinsey exploration of Net Zero leadership emphasised that government responds much better to businesses that come with one or two workable solutions rather than myriad complex problems.

In this Overture Fidelio explores why effective EV leadership is so critical for decarbonisation.

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For further information on how Fidelio is supporting Boards and leadership teams in the EV sector and supply chain through Search, Development and Evaluation, please contact


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Gillian - Karran Cumberlege

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Board Advisory

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