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Setting the Agenda 2022: Climate Change Competence in the Boardroom

Though 2021 may remain in memory as a year dominated by the global pandemic, the overshadowing significance of climate change was also making an impression on the business, political and societal psyche. COP 26 undoubtedly played a role here. Thinking about Net Zero started to develop quite quickly with commitments being made at both state and company level. Fidelio’s work in Building Better Boards highlighted genuine interest in climate change competence. We fully expect the focus on ESG and the environment in general and climate change in particular to increase in 2022. This partly reflects the clarion call from shareholders and stakeholders to convert well-intentioned words into action. Equally, misleading reporting and empty promises are being called out and this naming and shaming is only likely to increase. Increased scrutiny and a marked stepping up of pace on climate action will have profound implications for Boards across all sectors and geographies in 2022. As we look towards the New Year, we thought it helpful to share a selection of recent Fidelio Overtures exploring climate change competence in the Boardroom, starting in early 2021:

The importance of creating a pathway towards Net Zero cannot be underestimated. Boards have a vital role to play and Fidelio continues to support Chairs in ensuring that their Boards are well equipped to provide leadership and oversight.


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Gillian - Karran Cumberlege

Head of

Board Advisory

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