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Going For Gold

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

High Performing Athletes, Executives & Boards Finally, the Tokyo Olympics are underway, and despite the very inauspicious run-up to the Olympics, the world is once more gripped by the achievements of great sportsmen and women – the highs and the lows of “medalling” and medal misses. Business has long drawn upon sport for inspiration. Many a management transformation programme has relied heavily upon football references and sporting champions will grace business off-sites and deliver after dinner speeches. The hope is that success on the field or pitch will rub off and translate into business success through motivation or by providing insights into high performance. This read across from sport to business has traditionally taken place mainly at the executive level. After all it is management who aspire, strive and achieve and the sporting language of high performance is readily analogous. Increasingly we also see Boards use the terminology and ambition of high performance and in this Overture, we explore how Chairs are reviewing Board effectiveness today to enhance effectiveness and performance in the year ahead. In particular we consider:

  • The Executive and the Board – delivery and execution versus oversight and guidance

  • Board frameworks and KPIs – dimensions of effectiveness

  • High performing Boards – including internal dynamics and external benchmarking

Indeed if the performance of the Board is strengthened, the company will also be in a much better place to “medal”.

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