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Fidelio Partners Accredited by FTSE Women Leaders – Driving FTSE 350 Diversity & Inclusion

Fidelio is very pleased to note the progress that has been reported today towards gender balance in UK Boardrooms. Fidelio is also delighted to have been accredited today by the UK's FTSE Women Leaders Review for the sixth year in recognition of our work to strengthen gender balance in the Boardrooms of FTSE 350 companies.

Fidelio has a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion, as well as a rigorous and effective Search process. As such we are proud to be recognised for our best practice gender-balanced selection standards in the 'FTSE 350'.

This reflects Fidelio’s diverse and successful track record in Board and Executive appointments in the FTSE, with private companies and internationally.

We would like to congratulate the FTSE Women Leaders Review on reaching the 40% target for women on Boards ahead of the 2025 target. The efforts of this organisation have been critical in accelerating the UK’s progress towards better gender balance and this milestone demonstrates that further progress is possible. Denise Wilson, CEO of the FTSE Women Leaders, describes the progress as “a celebration of the inclusive actions of Chairs and their boards, CEOs, Investors, Executive Search firms, many individual businesswomen and men, and of course the women who have put themselves forward. It is the efforts of all those who have joined together to deliver real and unprecedented change, over time." We couldn’t agree more.

“It is very evident that diverse and inclusive Boards and Executive teams are capable of great leadership. We at Fidelio are delighted to have contributed to the significant progress towards greater gender balance in the UK through our rigorous and well respected Search process. The accreditation by the FTSE Women Leaders is a welcome reflection of our commitment over many years and we look forward to maintaining momentum.”

- Gillian Karran-Cumberlege, Head of Chair Advisory, Fidelio Partners

Driving Diversity in the Boardroom

Fidelio is a Board Development and Search firm committed to Building Better Boards. We contribute to increasing gender and ethnic diverse Boards through:

  • Board and Executive Search – Building diverse Boards and leadership teams in the UK and internationally

  • Development – Building a diverse pipeline of Chairs, CEOs and Board Directors for our clients internationally

  • Evaluation – Enabling Boards to increase their effectiveness and provide leadership in diversity and inclusion

  • ESG – Supporting Boards and business leaders to meet society's expectations in terms of diversity, inclusion and composition

If you are seeking to increase the diversity of your Board and leadership team, please contact Mark Cumberlege for further details.


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Fidelio Partners LLP is a company registered in England and Wales with Company Number OC345377.
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