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Fidelio Partners Accredited by FTSE Women Leaders – Contribution to Gender Diversity ‘Beyond FTSE 350’

(London, Thursday 29th February 2024)  

Fidelio is delighted to have been accredited by the FTSE Women Leaders Review for the seventh year in succession, in recognition of our contribution to gender balance in the Board ‘Beyond the FTSE 350’.  

This reflects Fidelio’s international track record in promoting diverse and inclusive Boards and leadership teams, and the breadth of our work with listed and private companies, as well as with professional services and leading non-profit organisations in the UK and across major markets.   

Fidelio’s deep commitment to diversity and inclusion is borne out by our rigorous and effective Search capability, and our Board Advisory work. Gender diversity is core to Fidelio’s focus on building Boards with great judgment and decision-making capability.    


Driving Diversity in the Boardroom 

Fidelio is committed to advising Chairs with a clear focus on Board effectiveness and building judgement capability. We have an international track record in building diverse Boards in terms of gender and other dimensions of diversity through:  

  • Board and Executive Search – Building diverse Boards and leadership teams in the UK and internationally  

  • Development – Developing a diverse pipeline of Chairs, CEOs and Board Directors for our clients on an international basis   

  • Board Performance Review – Enabling Boards to increase their effectiveness and judgement capability and to provide oversight and leadership with regard to diversity and inclusion and the people agenda more broadly    


For further details about Fidelio and our approach to building highly effective and diverse Boards and leadership teams, please contact Mark Cumberlege for further details. 


Fidelio Partners Board Development & Executive Search Ltd
60 Petty France - London - SW1H 9EU

+44 (0) 20 7759 2200

FIDELIO PARTNERS BOARD DEVELOPMENT & EXECUTIVE SEARCH LIMITED is a company registered in England and Wales with Company Number OC345377.
VAT Number: 26589683

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