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Closing the Technology Gap in the Boardroom

The technology deficit in Boardrooms is a major risk – and lost opportunity – internationally. Clearly the risk of cyber-attack and information security breaches is omnipresent and growing, and companies are suffering financial and reputational damage as a result. Cybersecurity is a concern for both regulators and investors and it is a principal risk in any risk matrix. Most companies have their own cyber experts, but they seldom sit in the Boardroom. And there is a real challenge that communication with the Board on technology issues is not what it should be, with technologists and Boards at times speaking different languages. This Overture draws upon recent research undertaken by Fidelio and explores both the extent of the technology gap in the Boardroom and how this gap can be closed or reduced including:

  1. Bridging the technology gap

  2. Cyber risk - omnipresent and potentially catastrophic

  3. A major concern for regulators - and for investors

  4. The cyber challenge for the Board

  5. The Board challenge for the CISO

  6. Why the gap?

  7. Closing the gap

  8. The opportunity for the Board

There is no silver bullet but there are two key areas where Boards can make significant progress:

  1. First, ensure pro-active management of the organisation’s technology talent, including identification and development of high-potential individuals. This extends to increasing their understanding of the work of the Board.

  2. Second, ensure that each new Board appointment is treated as an opportunity to increase the level of digital awareness in the Boardroom. There are traits such as technology curiosity that should be demonstrated by all new Board Members including non-technologists.

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Gillian - Karran Cumberlege

Head of

Board Advisory

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