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Board Conversations for Tough Times

THE ROLE OF THE BOARD Times are undoubtedly difficult for business and society. Geopolitical risk mounts; the pace and intensity of climate change picks up; and AI threatens incalculable disruption. Given the challenge many would argue that this is the time for action not conversation.

But for Boards it matters more than ever what is being discussed and how it is being discussed. The work of the Board - oversight, strategic direction and ultimate decision-making – depends on clarity of thought, influence, guidance and challenge. The quality of Board conversation is key. For the Board to have the discussion it needs, a number of building blocks must be in place.

A FRAMEWORK FOR GOVERNANCE Increasingly in our discussions with Chairs, Fidelio adopts the following framework for understanding Board effectiveness. At each stage a good Board conversation is not a coincidence but clearly benefits from a strong governance underpinning... Click here to continue reading


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