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Appointing a CSO - The Pyramid of Need

One of the most sought-after corporate roles currently is the Chief Sustainability Officer. The timing of the decision to appoint a CSO and the profile and experience of the CSO depend on the ESG maturity of the company:

  • Phase 1 - Regulatory / disclosure: Heightened regulatory requirements, particularly around disclosure, fast track the need for a Sustainability Officer

  • Phase 2 - Operational / risk: Increased ESG risk brings about the need for a CSO who can delve into operational detail and spot emerging issues

  • Phase 3 - Strategic: Embedding the ESG agenda into company strategy creates reputational and growth opportunities. At this stage a CSO with effective leadership and influence skills, as well as a deep understanding of the company and its business model, can make a significant contribution in terms of focus, materiality and alignment.

In a recent webinar Fidelio explores in depth the pyramid of need for ESG understanding and sustainability experience. For the recording of ‘The Chief Sustainability Officer Role – Emerging & Critical’, please click here.


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