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22 January 2019

Fidelio Board Breakfast 'RemCo Chair - The Hot Seat'

Fidelio held our first Roundtable Breakfast for Remuneration Committee Chairs on Tuesday 22nd January 2019. Our theme was “RemCo Chair - The Hot Seat.”

Across Fidelio’s Search, Evaluation and Development assignments, we see the challenges facing Remuneration Committee Chairs increasing, driven by stakeholder and shareholder pressure. Fidelio was therefore very pleased to be joined by Ruth Cairnie, who chaired the Rolls-Royce and AB Foods Remuneration Committees, along with a select group of Remuneration Committee Chairs across a range of sectors and geographies to address key challenges for this critical role:

  • The Remuneration Committee Chair is very much in the “hot seat” in terms of managing expectations internally and externally. Are there practical recommendations to navigating what can easily become a minefield?

  • How does the Remuneration Committee engage with other Board Committees, particularly the Nominations Committee?  How broadly should the Remuneration Committee define its remit vis-à-vis the Board and versus other Committees?

  • If Remuneration breeds behaviours, what lessons have Remuneration Committees learned over the past five years? How effectively does the Remuneration Committee promote a strong corporate culture?

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