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10 April 2024

Chair Breakfast: ‘The Judgement Muscle – Building Board Capability’

Fidelio Chair Breakfast:

The Judgement Muscle – Building Board Capability

A clear priority for the Chair is building Board decision-making and judgement capability. This is imperative in an environment of rapid change and uncertainty, including financial volatility, geo-political risk, climate change and AI.  


Fidelio hosted a Chair Breakfast, ‘The Judgement Muscle – Building Board Capability’, on Wednesday 10th April 


We were joined by Chairs of leading organisations to explore how they develop and build their Boards to ensure good decision-making and focus on the key issues. Fidelio in turn shared the governance trends we have observed across Board Review and Composition assignments, particularly regarding judgement.   


This breakfast was by personal invitation only. For further information on future events, please contact Milly Norman at

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