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All Chairs face an emerging challenge in the current environment – disrupted access to network with implications for the Board and the company, including loss in:

  • social capital

  • intellectual capital

Fidelio was pleased to host to a virtual roundtable for Chairs with Lord Gus O’Donnell, Chair of Frontier Economics and former Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service, on 28th October 2020.

Our subject will be the power of network and the role of the Chair in ensuring both Board and company have access to the networks needed to succeed. Diversity and Inclusion cannot be a victim.


Lord Gus O'Donnell is Chair of Frontier Economics and Pro Bono Economics and Affiliated Director of Brookfield Asset Management. He was formerly Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service from 2005 - 2011, serving Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron.

Fidelio’s focus is building Boards and Executive teams fit for the future and aligned to value - through Search, Development and Evaluation. Fidelio’s ESG Leadership GRID is a powerful tool enabling Chairs and CEOs to build the leadership capability to drive value for shareholders and stakeholders.

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Fidelio Chair Roundtable 'The Role of the Chair and the Power of Network'

28/10/20, 00:00

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