Business has moved from shareholder to stakeholder primacy with profound implications for governance, strategy and people.

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) is no longer optional; it has moved incontrovertibly centre stage.

ESG competence at Board and Executive level increasingly commands a premium. Failure of the leadership team to transition to the new reality will:

  • Limit access to capital
  • Threaten the licence to operate
  • Present unprecedented business model risk

Fidelio’s ESG Leadership GRID is a powerful tool enabling Chairs and CEOs to build the leadership capability needed to succeed under the ESG imperative. It comprises seven modules, each addressing one of the key dimensions of leadership:

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This module enables the Chair and CEO to build a common understanding of purpose and value, as well as shareholder and stakeholder expectations within the leadership team.

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ESG has profound implications for strategy and this module ensures strategy takes ESG fully into account.

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ESG involves trade-offs and tough decisions and in this module develops the decision-making capability, in particular at Board level, to navigate at times competing stakeholder and shareholder expectations.

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Investors and stakeholders are looking to the Board and leadership team to execute strategy and deliver value. This is a module to align composition with those goals and to ensure diversity of experience and perspective.

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Remuneration drives behaviours and this module ensures that frameworks are in place to align behaviours and execution with strategic goals; and drive value generation for shareholders and stakeholders.

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ESG represents exceptional business model and reputational risk. This module ensures that stakeholder expectations are well understood and inform corporate behaviours. The Board’s horizon scanning role is critical.

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ESG Leadership requires highly effective communication and engagement. This module ensures that shareholder and stakeholder engagement is not simply delegated or ignored. The module ensures a clear understanding of the role of the Board and the Executive, their respective stakeholder relationships and the interaction and collaboration required.

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