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ESG or Not ESG – That is the Question

The validity of ESG as a framework for companies and investors currently provokes intense debate:

  • Corporate executives debate and challenge the developing orthodoxy that mitigating climate change should be a priority in investment decisions

  • US business organisations push back against the SEC’s proposal for climate change disclosure to become mandatory and verifiable

  • ESG investors in Germany are wrong-footed by the reappraisal – and re-rating – of defence stocks

Fidelio is known for our contribution to ESG in the Boardroom through Search, Evaluation and Development and we therefore take the current debate very seriously. Unsurprisingly, we do not see the scrutiny and challenge as heralding the demise of ESG but rather as a necessary and healthy step towards sustainability and ESG becoming embedded in corporate and investment practice.

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Gillian - Karran Cumberlege

Head of

Board Advisory

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