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As a Board Development and Search firm, Fidelio has a sharp focus on Board effectiveness and Board composition. So too do shareholders. We were therefore pleased to host a Board Breakfast “Engaging with Active Shareholders” on 21st May 2019.

Public company Boards face heightened scrutiny, including from increasingly active shareholders. While Boards tend to be deeply mistrustful of activists, the term activist is a broad one encompassing a broad range of investment styles and tactics. Boards need to be alert to who is on their register and how to respond. More importantly Boards need to understand how active investors select the stocks they invest in.  


To explore how Boards can engage most effectively with this increasingly important segment of the market, we are delighted to welcome Harlan Zimmerman, Senior Partner at Cevian Capital (UK). Cevian is an active ownership investment firm with over €13 billion under management and is recognised as long-term, considered and constructive in its approach. We will also be joined by Cas Sydorowitz, Global Head of Activism & M&A at Georgeson.  


Key discussion points included:

  1. Shareholder expectations of Boards   

  2. Effective shareholder engagement at Board level

For more information, please contact Amy at

Fidelio Board Breakfast 'Engaging with Active Shareholders'

21/05/19, 00:00

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