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Fidelio’s focus is Board composition and Board effectiveness and we were pleased to host a Roundtable on Thursday 7th March 2019 to explore employee engagement.

The UK Corporate Governance Code requires Boards to understand the views of the company’s key stakeholders and to engage with the workforce by adopting one or a combination of the following:  

  • a director appointed from the workforce;

  • a formal workforce advisory panel;

  • a designated non-executive director.

How are UK Boards responding? Which mechanism will be most effective? Fidelio and Non-Executive Directors from a range of sectors, including with experience of markets such as Germany, where employee engagement has been enshrined in legislation, explored which approaches are being adopted and what is likely to work.

For more information, please contact Amy at

Fidelio Board Breakfast 'Employee Representation / Board Engagement with the Workforce'

07/03/19, 00:00

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