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Fidelio was delighted to host a Board Breakfast “Boards, Governance, Shareholders and Asset Management” with Edward Bonham Carter on 19th September 2019.

Profound changes are underway in the asset management industry which have significant implications for quoted company Boards. To help us navigate this highly relevant challenge for public company Chairs and Directors, we will be joined by Edward Bonham Carter, Vice Chairman of Jupiter Fund Management Plc. Critical themes explored during this Board Breakfast will include:


  • What Boards need to know about structural trends in the asset management industry.

  • How the information flow between companies and investors is changing as a result of regulation.

  • And against this backdrop what investors expect from the Boards and in particular the Chairs of companies they invest in. What happens when those expectations are not met?

For more information, please contact Amy at

Fidelio Board Breakfast: 'Boards, Governance, Shareholders and Asset Management'

19/09/19, 00:00

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