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27 May 2020

Gender Balance in UK & German Boardrooms

Is this a topic that matters in a time of national crisis? Or is progress towards greater gender balance in the Boardroom being put on the backburner during the Pandemic? Fidelio has flagged a resurgent interest in ESG in the Board and Executive suite. While there is indeed a focus on people with the “S” […]

12 May 2020

Employee Engagement – Who Does It Well?

As one country after another eases out of lockdown and companies and employees eye working conditions in the months ahead, there is one certainty – the ‘S’ in ESG has moved centre stage. Employee concerns and employee welfare are priorities. Any Board or leadership team that lacks the channels and tools to listen carefully and engage effectively […]

04 May 2020

Key Roles for The New Normal

Government response to Covid-19 is redefining how we work. A small number of businesses are flourishing; leading industry names are undergoing major structuring; many have enforced a hiring freeze; and without a doubt some businesses will fail. Most sectors face tremendous complexity in the transition from lockdown to the new normal over the coming months. […]

27 Apr 2020

Building Back Better – Why “A Seat at the Table” Matters

The focus has to be “build back better”. This term has been with us for a long time, favoured by disaster recovery agencies. Surely today it’s a concept of huge relevance for society and the economy as a whole. Government, business and the third sector, as noted by Andy Haldane, Chief Economist, Bank of England, will all […]

22 Apr 2020

The Rise of ESG Investing & Implications for Boards

Steve Cheetham of Fidelio Partners discusses the rise of ESG investing and the implications for Boards. For more information on how Fidelio is supporting Boards on ESG, get in touch: or

09 Apr 2020


As Covid-19 ravages lives, health systems and economies, the path to recovery is built upon trust. We have to be able to trust in: The science underpinning our understanding of Covid-19 and the measures experts are advocating to combat the virus Our political leaders and the interventions they are taking to tackle the virus as well […]

02 Apr 2020

Cash is King – Boards Beware

As ever in a crisis, cash conservation becomes a priority and COVID-19 is no different.  Fidelio is seeing across our Board assignments a clear focus on liquidity and cash.  Indeed, one Chair forwarded the following familiar advice: “My other piece of advice, Copperfield,” said Mr. Micawber, “you know. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen […]

31 Mar 2020

ESG Still Matters

ESG still matters – and is vital for all our futures as we look beyond the COVID-19 crisis. For more information on how Fidelio Partners is supporting Boards on ESG, including ‘ESG – Expectations for the Chair’ and ESG KPIs, get in touch:

16 Mar 2020

When Leadership Matters

Leadership has never mattered more. As all businesses and organisations face unprecedented disruption through the spread of Covid-19, the calibre of leadership at Board and Executive level is vital. It ensures survival in the short-term and lays the foundation for long-term resilience and success. And Fidelio is actively supporting our clients to provide that leadership: […]

09 Mar 2020

Celebrating International Women’s Day; Driving Change

Yesterday the world celebrated International Women’s Day. The benefits of greater gender balance are undisputed. Fidelio is proud to play a driving role in increasing gender balance in Boardrooms and executive teams internationally through Search, Evaluation and Development. And we hold true to our mantra that there are enough good women. Indeed, we regularly work with […]

03 Mar 2020

Defining the Role – Unlocking the Chair Pipeline

Pressure is building to improve the gender balance of Chairs at the top of our leading companies and organisations. This is an objective of the UK’s government-sponsored Hampton-Alexander Review, as well as the 30% Club and many similar initiatives internationally. Fidelio has been a vocal champion for (i) a better understanding of the Chair role […]

11 Feb 2020

Board Composition & Access to Capital

Investors have always cared about Board composition with an understandable desire for Boards Members who: know the business bring a skill needed by the business are independent and safeguard the interests of minority shareholders But now, as Fidelio has flagged previously, Boards are increasingly being held accountable by both shareholders and stakeholders.  This has implications for […]

29 Jan 2020

Board Learning – The Relevance

Fidelio’s focus is building effective Boards, both public and private, through Search, Development and Evaluation. The pressures facing Boards today are increasing, including: Cyber risk ESG and investor expectations Climate change Political backlash Against this backdrop, Board Development has become a requirement for even the most seasoned of Directors. Based on extensive research undertaken at the […]

17 Jan 2020

A New Decade – More Board Regulation

The last decade opened with the Financial Crisis; the new decade will bring increased Board regulation. “The effects of the 2008 financial crash cast a long shadow forward. Trust in leaders and in business itself appears to have fallen…”  Brydon Review, December 2019. Fidelio has seen a flurry of activity in the world of audit and […]

20 Dec 2019

2019 Clusters; 2020 Trends – Technology, Growth & Designing ESG

In 2018 Fidelio researched how leading Chairs were preparing their Boards for disruption, and in 2019, the pace of that disruption picked up. Technology continued to drive rapid evolution of business models, while the focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) sharpened: if climate change was not on the agenda in 2018, by the end […]

13 Dec 2019

Boards, Regulators & Innovation

In most heavily regulated sectors, it is commonplace to complain about the regulator. Too much intrusion; too much compliance; stifling innovation. Therefore, at a recent Fidelio Board Breakfast on “FinTech, Governance and Growth” it was striking to hear leading Non-Executive Directors recognise the contribution of the regulator to the health of the sector.  FinTech is […]

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