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18 Jun 2021

Don’t Take Compromise For An Answer

Recently the FT published the headline “Women take half of new UK boards seats”. While eye catching, this statistic reflects a necessity. Most companies have set targets for Board level gender diversity of 30% or higher and until quite recently many companies were below this mark. Greater gender balance could only be achieved if for […]

11 Jun 2021

IR – The Bellwether

IR is a curious role. It is highly specialised; by definition there are a small number of roles (the DAX 30 will not require more than 30 Heads of IR); it’s also a very visible position, internally and externally. But importantly, supply and demand for the IR role is something of a bellwether for the […]

05 May 2021

Hiring in the Age of Covid and Beyond

The purpose of any senior appointment is to succeed and in the pandemic, for some key roles, success is literally life and death. But the pandemic brings its own pressure and companies frequently have to make critical appointments with speed and without the benefits of established face to face interview processes. While every business leader […]

08 Mar 2021

Gender Diversity – A Commitment

The value of gender diversity, including at Board and leadership level, does not need to be rehearsed.  There is a business benefit as well as a very strong social case, and while cognitive diversity is obviously a tremendously important goal for Boards, it is unlikely that this can be achieved without gender diversity. Great progress has already […]

04 Mar 2021

“A Seat at the Table”: The Future of Governance

A key theme of the past 12 turbulent months has been the acceleration of ESG. Boards have recognised the risks of ignoring ESG and smart Boards are alert to the opportunity that ESG provides in terms of innovation, licence to operate and access to capital. While Boards are moving fast to understand stakeholder expectations and […]

16 Feb 2021

Climate Change Competence in the Boardroom

In the year of COP26 much is expected of business.  Countries will only be able to meet their Net Zero targets with substantial corporate innovation, with companies playing a significant role in reducing emissions.  For many organisations meeting Net Zero will require radical change in products and business models, and the way forward already has […]

20 Jan 2021

The Chair, the Board and the Future of Work

Driven by the pandemic, the Economist writes about the re-shaping of the healthcare and the opportunities this presents. While sectors have been affected very unevenly by Covid-19, all are subject to enormous change. Every company and every Board – regardless of sector – is confronted by a once in a lifetime opportunity: to redefine the future […]

13 Jan 2021

What A Start!

Fireworks or no fireworks, 2021 certainly started with a vengeance: In South Africa and the UK mutations of the Covid virus mean that the pandemic is reaching new heights resulting in a race between the vaccine and transmissibility. The unthinkable has happened in the US with a widely criticised attack on the democratic process. And […]

29 Dec 2020

Looking Back & Building Better

2020 is a year that will be etched on history. It is a year in which Fidelio has also experienced a bereavement and our condolences go out to those who have suffered across the globe. But in 2020 we also saw the acceleration of some significant long-term trends: in particular, the recognition that Boards need […]

02 Nov 2020

Increasing Board Diversity – Here’s How

There is much gloom today, but on a note of optimism many companies are striving to maintain focus on increasing and promoting diversity: Black Lives Matter played a huge role here without a doubt ESG is also a driver.  It is very difficult to present a credible ESG proposition in the absence of diversity The […]

16 Oct 2020

Board Evaluation: Back At The Fork In The Road?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had severe and long-lasting impacts across many parts of the global economy. Some regulatory initiatives intended to improve corporate governance are also finding the back burner. In UK audit, for example, the bold recommendations of three major reviews remain a work in progress. Meanwhile the collapse of Germany’s Wirecard amid clear […]

07 Sep 2020

Fit for the Future: Five Board Questions

A decade ago, the Financial Crisis shone a spotlight on Boards and found them wanting. Over the past 10 years much work has been done to fortify the effectiveness of Boards. Arguably this has been a godsend given the complexity and challenge facing Boards today. As all major economies face a time of profound and […]

21 Aug 2020

The Search For ESG

How should companies best structure leadership and responsibilities for dealing with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in a world being reshaped by the pandemic? There is no single right answer: in Fidelio’s Search practice we see a heightened interest in executive ESG roles and also demand for ESG experience in the Boardroom. There is […]

27 May 2020

Gender Balance in UK & German Boardrooms

Is this a topic that matters in a time of national crisis? Or is progress towards greater gender balance in the Boardroom being put on the backburner during the Pandemic? Fidelio has flagged a resurgent interest in ESG in the Board and Executive suite. While there is indeed a focus on people with the “S” […]

12 May 2020

Employee Engagement – Who Does It Well?

As one country after another eases out of lockdown and companies and employees eye working conditions in the months ahead, there is one certainty – the ‘S’ in ESG has moved centre stage. Employee concerns and employee welfare are priorities. Any Board or leadership team that lacks the channels and tools to listen carefully and engage effectively […]

04 May 2020

Key Roles for The New Normal

Government response to Covid-19 is redefining how we work. A small number of businesses are flourishing; leading industry names are undergoing major structuring; many have enforced a hiring freeze; and without a doubt some businesses will fail. Most sectors face tremendous complexity in the transition from lockdown to the new normal over the coming months. […]

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