This Programme is designed for those who have just assumed or will shortly succeed to the role of Chair and for those who require Chair skills.

It will focus on (i) the governance and regulation underpinning the Chair role and (ii) how to be effective as Chair looking at Board dynamic, shareholder and stakeholder expectations, presence and authority, as well as the practicalities of leading a highly functional and effective Board.

The Masterclass will also address Board diversity and contribute to a more diverse pipeline for leading Chair roles.


Fidelio’s “A Seat at the Table” Programme for Directors and senior Executives is held at Hever Castle, Kent, UK.

The Programme consists of two days working with colleagues on all aspects of Board effectiveness, both formally and informally, including highly topical issues on the Board Agenda, and the opportunity to reflect on personal effectiveness at the top table.

The 2020 Agenda is available here.

The participation fee for the “A Seat at the Table” programme is £7,500 plus VAT.

A heady combination of new contacts, immediately actionable insights and rich seams of thought

Business Head (Big Data), Government-owned Company,

Everything I took from the programme is actionable in my current role and beyond

CEO, Major Subsidiary of Global Financial Services Company,


These two programmes recognise the importance of Board Learning and Board Diversity. Established in 2015 in response to the UK Davies Report, Fidelio seeks to strengthen gender balance in the Boardroom.

Fidelio has been accredited by the Hampton-Alexander Review for our contribution to increasing gender diversity on Boards and leadership teams, and our contribution to Board learning and also empowering women to succeed both to and, crucially, at the top table.

Building on this success, Fidelio has introduced the Chair Masterclass, reflecting the increasing expectations on the Chair.

Diversity is a priority for the Chair and the Board and we are pleased to welcome men and women to Fidelio’s Board learning programmes.


“A Seat at the Table” alumni acquire Board effectiveness skills, a powerful network, and a road map for thinking through their board career.

Over 30% of Alumni succeed to a more senior Executive role (within their company) and/or Non-Executive Director role within a year of attending the Programme, while this figure doubles over a two-year period.

Alumni of the Chair Masterclass are well prepared for the complexity of the Chair role and also establish a network of Chairs and Board experts for future guidance.

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Fidelio's Five Attributes of Leadership

The content is informed by Fidelio’s extensive research into the five critical attributes of leadership:

  1. Understanding the complexity of shareholder and stakeholder expectations for the leadership team.
  2. Grasp of governance including formal/informal power structures.
  3. Presence and authority; personal impact; the ability to influence.
  4. Reinforcing networks of support and networks of reciprocity.
  5. Resilience under extreme pressure.

The Practical Takeaways

By the end of each programme, participants will acquire practical tools to help them drive their Board career:

  1. A framework for understanding leadership structures and styles;
  2. A mirror for personal presence including within a group dynamic and at the Boardroom table;
  3. A road map of critical networks and milestones to achieve their professional and personal objectives.


The value of board diversity

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Fidelio’s Founding Partners are supported by a multi-lingual in-house research team, and globally situated external consultants with a wealth of governance and business expertise.

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The best concentrated injection of development and learning that I have ever had … It hits the mark perfectly

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We were delighted with the quality of the candidates we had to select from.

Company Secretary and Head of Governance, Major Global Professional Body and Regulator