Press Release – Fidelio accredited by the Hampton-Alexander Review

Fidelio is delighted to have been accredited by the UK’s Hampton-Alexander Review for the fourth year running for our contribution towards achieving gender balance on Boards and leadership teams in the category ‘Beyond FTSE 350’. 

This reflects Fidelio’s track record in Search: over the past 3 years, our international assignments at Board, Leadership and Direct Report level have resulted in 41% female and 25% ethnically diverse placements. Fidelio is also recognised for our contribution to driving diversity through Evaluation and Development, including through “A Seat at the Table”.

FTSE Women Leaders

Today, 24th February 2021, the Hampton-Alexander Review released its final annual review, summarising the progress made on gender diversity on UK Boards and Executive Committees over the past 5 years.

Key indications of progress include:

  • The representation of women on FTSE 100 Boards is now 36.2%
  • The representation of women on FTSE 250 Boards is now 33.2%
  • The representation of women on the combined Executive Committee and Direct Reports is now 30.6% in the FTSE 100

However, more needs to be done to continue to move the dial, particularly at Executive Committee and Direct Report level. The number of women in these roles in the FTSE 250 has increased only marginally to 28.5% (from 27.9% in 2019). At both FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 level, two-thirds of these roles continue to be filled by men. And while the number of women in Chair roles continues to grow, the number of female CEOs remains low.

Fidelio’s Diversity Contribution

Fidelio was delighted to be recognised in the ‘Beyond FTSE 350’ category as an Executive Search Firm at the forefront of helping Boards achieve gender balance. This reflects our quoted company expertise and ongoing work with FTSE companies, as well as the breadth of Fidelio’s Search activity and engagement with organisations located in the UK and internationally, including:

  • Leading quoted companies
  • Privately held companies
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Government and regulatory bodies

As a Board Development and Search firm committed to Building Better Boards and recognised for our contribution to ESG, Fidelio contributes to increasing gender balance on Boards through:

  • Search – Building diverse Boards and leadership teams in the UK and internationally.
  • Development – Building a diverse pipeline of Chairs, CEOs and Board Directors including Fidelio’s acclaimed “A Seat at the Table” Programme and annual updates on diversity in German and UK Boardrooms
  • Evaluation – Enabling Boards to increase their effectiveness and provide leadership in diversity and inclusion
  • ESG – Supporting Boards and business leaders to meet society’s expectations in terms of diversity, inclusion and composition, including through the ESG Leadership GRID

Fidelio thanks the Hampton-Alexander Review for its excellent contribution and we look forward to increasing momentum and building on this important work.

If you are seeking to increase the diversity of your Board and leadership team, please contact Mark Cumberlege for further details.

The 9th iteration of “A Seat at the Table” will take place on 16th – 17th March 2021. Please contact Amy Wright for more details.

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