Fidelio Accredited for Contribution to Gender Balance on Boards

Fidelio is delighted to have received accreditation by the Hampton-Alexander Review for our contribution to increasing gender diversity on Boards and leadership teams in the category ‘Beyond FTSE 350’. This reflects our track record in Search and Fidelio’s A Seat at the Table programme, which supports senior women to their first Board appointments.

Hampton-Alexander Review – A Responsibility for Search

On Thursday 9th November the Hampton-Alexander Review released its annual update, reporting on progress on increasing gender diversity on UK Boards to date, and exploring what more can be done to move the dial. The Review maintains its momentum and commitment to this cause, and is cascading the combined target of 33% female representation across Executive Committee and direct reports from the FTSE 100 to the FTSE 250.

In order to achieve this target across the FTSE 350 by 2020, 40% of all new appointments at the top two management tiers must go to women. Clearly, Executive Search has a major role to play in supporting corporates to achieve this goal.

As such the Review provides accreditation under the Enhanced Code of Conduct to Search firms with a proven track record in increasing Board diversity and supporting women to their first Board positions. Accreditation is performance based and acknowledges those firms “at the forefront of helping boards enhance their gender balance with the strongest of track records.”

Fidelio – Achieving Diversity in Search

Fidelio was delighted to be included in the small number of accredited Search firms this year and to join the ‘Beyond FTSE 350’ category. This reflects our work with FTSE companies, but also our engagement with:

  • Privately held companies
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Government and regulatory bodies
  • And international companies, representing ca. 50% of all assignments

Fidelio has a longstanding commitment to achieving and delivering Board diversity through Search and consistently between 40% and 50% of our placements are female candidates.

“A Seat at the Table”  

In addition Fidelio has made a ground-breaking contribution to diversity, through the A Seat at the Table Programme, which has a track record of supporting senior women to their first Board positions. We are committed to developing senior female executives and Directors, and the programme has a twofold aim of:

1) Equipping senior women with the practical tools to enhance their effectiveness in their executive current roles, and to take on external Board positions

2) Strengthening the pipeline of female CEOs, Chairs and Board Directors

We are pleased to report that ca. 40% of participants have moved to larger Executive roles and/or taken on external Board positions within 12 months of attending the A Seat at the Table Programme.

The focus of the Programme is putting women in the driving seat of their own Board careers, including the critical career phase of holding major Executive roles in combination with the first Non-Executive roles, and focuses on 3 key takeaways for Board readiness:

1) Direct learning from senior, experienced and respected Chairs, and what they expect from their Boards

2) How Boards effectively interact with their stakeholders and shareholders

3) Boards in action: effectiveness at the Boardroom table and handling crises

The fifth iteration of the Programme will be held at Leeds Castle, Kent on 13th– 14th March 2018.

Reaching the 33% Target (Women on the Leadership Team) by 2020

Fidelio remains deeply committed to playing our part in moving the dial on this critical issue as we continue to support our current and future clients meet the 33% target by 2020.

If you are seeking to increase the diversity of your Board and leadership team,  please contact Fidelio for further details.


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