Disruption & the Chair – A Preview from Fidelio

Disruption is high on the Board Agenda.

In all aspects of Fidelio’s work across Board Evaluation, Development and Search, we see Chairmen focussed on preparing the Board for disruption. Fidelio has therefore conducted in-depth research on measures that Chairs of leading Boards are taking to navigate disruption and turn it to advantage.

Given Fidelio’s focus: cross-border, cross-sector, and cross-function, we have co-operated with Theano Advisors, the French strategy consultancy, to compare and contrast how FTSE100 Chairs and CAC40 Chairs are approaching the challenge of disruption.

This Chair & Disruption Research, shortly to be published, will include insights into how leading Chairs approach:

  • Board Composition – the skills and diversity needed at the Board table to respond most effectively and be on the front foot
  • Artificial Intelligence – its impact on the business and the Boardroom
  • Structure of Board Meetings and the Board calendar – using the Board’s time most effectively
  • Strategy – empowering the CEO and ensuring the Board’s challenge and contribution is effective
  • Frameworks – identifying sources of disruption and frameworks of response

Fidelio will be sharing this research with clients and Chairs who have generously given their time. We will also be publishing key findings and highlights and hosting breakfasts and seminars on the theme of the Chair and disruption to highlight best practice and share innovative thinking.

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