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Women, Health and Leadership - An Update

Women's Health & the Board Agenda An important theme for this festive season is women’s health.

Fidelio has a strong commitment to gender equality. An important aspect of our work here is building Boards and leadership teams that have strong female representation. We also focus on what Boards need to know and what needs to be on the Board agenda.

In the past couple of years society has woken up to the fact that women’s health and wellbeing is often poorly understood in the workplace. This matters for those in leadership roles who have a duty of care for all employees.

Certainly, in the UK women’s health has hit the headlines and is now, for example, being discussed openly in Parliament. But this is very recent.

Fidelio has been focused on this important topic for a number of years and as early as 2019 hosted a roundtable for Board Directors on women’s health as a business imperative.

Women's Health & Leadership

We were joined by Professor Lesley Regan, at the time President of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and only the second woman to hold this role.

Professor Regan explored “Women, Health and Leadership” and in particular shone a light on what’s working, and what more can be done to promote women’s health and the role that business can play. Key themes of the discussion included:

  • Women’s careers and the delivery of women’s healthcare

  • Education: increasing knowledge, tackling taboos

  • Why women’s health matters for business - what’s good for women’s health, wellbeing and productivity is good for men too

  • What business can do to promote best practice in women’s health

  • Healthy women - adding value

This Christmas, Fidelio is pleased to republish the original Overture, which continues to make relevant reading for Board Members and business leaders.

Click here to read the original Overture.

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Gillian - Karran Cumberlege

Head of

Board Advisory

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