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When Leadership Matters

Leadership has never mattered more. As all businesses and organisations face unprecedented disruption through the spread of Covid-19, the calibre of leadership at Board and Executive level is vital. It ensures survival in the short-term and lays the foundation for long-term resilience and success. And Fidelio is actively supporting our clients to provide that leadership:

  1. The show goes on. Fidelio is ensuring Searches, Evaluations and Development programmes are successfully delivered on schedule. We are following government advice and client procedures to ensure that clients, candidates and our team are safe; through the use of technology and innovation we enable our clients to secure access to talent and increase Board/Executive effectiveness.

  2. The immediate. Given the pace of disruption many companies need immediate access to senior capability and expertise for example: communication skills; turnaround capability; crisis IR and refinancing experience; government and regulatory engagement. If your company needs immediate access to senior talent, get in touch.

  3. Time for reflection. Ironically at the most senior level many executives and, in particular, non-executive directors find themselves with much more time – time to read and time to reflect. We are seeing Boards and companies harness this, for example conducting Board reviews:

    • How effectively is the Board leading today?

    • How can it contribute to greater resilience tomorrow?

    • How do the Board and company prepare for a future where supply chains may continue to be fragile and disruption, including through climate change, becomes the norm?

    • What does Board composition need to look like?

    • How do Boards need to function?

    • What executive skills are needed?

    • What are the frameworks and KPIs required to put the company on the firmest footing for all the rigours that ESG will throwing at us in the months and years to come?

To ensure your Board is using this period to greatest effect, get in touch. The Fidelio team is here to support you and your business to navigate the short-term volatility and to build ESG resilience for the future. Contact us here or email


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Gillian - Karran Cumberlege

Head of

Board Advisory

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