Summer Reading / Board Reflection

As many of us snatch – or dream of – a Summer break on the beach, August is an opportunity to relax and a good time to reflect.

Much will be expected of Boards and leadership teams after the Summer break:

  • Prolonged economic downturn looms
  • The pandemic threatens a second spike
  • Trust in business is frayed

But Fidelio sees much evidence of companies and Boards stepping up to the challenge:

Fidelio has a busy September ahead building Boards and leadership teams through Evaluation, Development and Search. In addition we are hosting the 8th iteration of our Board development programme, “A Seat at the Table”, as well as webinars on Remuneration and The Future of the Arts.

Ahead of that we’d like to share with you 5 of our most popular recent reads, highlighting ESG, diversity and innovation.

    1. ESG – Expectations for the Chair
    2. 2020 Climate Challenge – Is the Board Prepared?
    3. Business & Diversity: Channelling the Anger
    4. Board Composition & Access to Capital
    5. Technology, Boards and The Limits to Disruption

The team at Fidelio wishes you a safe and happy Summer.

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