Boards, Strategy and Trade Offs

Boards too often think of ESG as a communications and engagement challenge. ESG is surely a strategic challenge and in the current health and economic crisis, it goes right to the heart of business model risk and corporate strategy.

Fidelio’s focus is building leadership teams fit for the future – so relevant at this time of extraordinary disruption. In this environment “fit for the future” must mean open to strategic change and capable of navigating and implementing this.

A poll of the audience of Board Members and senior executives at Fidelio’s most recent  webinar “The ESG Imperative: Board Implications”  found that 81% believed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues would have a major impact on or require a complete rethink of their company strategy going forward.

This webinar “The ESG Imperative: A Step-Change in Strategy” picks up the theme of ESG in strategy and addresses the three key questions that a Board should answer in determining how to integrate ESG into its strategy:

  • Is your strategy fit for purpose?
  • How do you resolve conflicting stakeholder objectives?
  • How can you embed the strategy throughout the organisation?

Please click here to view the webinar recording.

“The ESG Imperative: A Step-Change in Strategy” is presented by Gillian Karran-Cumberlege, Head of Chair Advisory at Fidelio Partners, and Alistair Stranack, Partner at Fidelio Partners. To learn more about this webinar and Fidelio’s ESG capability please contact

For further details of Fidelio’s Search, Evaluation and Development capability please contact Gillian Karran-Cumberlege at

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