December 2, 2015 VILLANDRY ST JAMES
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Women in Leadership Roles in Technology, 2 December 2015

There are far too few women in leadership roles in technology. At Fidelio, we build leadership teams that drive value. Diversity is critical and the lack of women in leadership roles and key investment positions in the technology sector is cause for concern. This disparity matters as technology is such a powerful force of economic growth.

“Right now the percentage of women in the technology sector is smaller than the percentage of women in the House of Lords. And I find that very, very strange.”  – Baroness Martha Lane-Fox

Fidelio is actively engaged in developing tomorrow’s female Chairmen and CEOs. In our flagship Development Programme A Seat at the Table, we have identified critical areas of focus for senior women:

  • Understanding of formal and informal power structures
  • Recognising the power of networks
  • Establishing presence and authority
  • Ensuring resilience

These factors are also key to success in the technology sector and we believe there is a read-across from the progress being made by women in other industries.

As such we were pleased to host a breakfast for senior women in the technology sector where we explored what is holding women back from leadership roles in the sector and what needs to be done to ensure women have a seat at the top table in technology.

Our guests included Anne De Kerkchove, Non-Executive Director, 7Digital and highly experienced executive in the entertainment and technology sector.

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