April 26, 2013 location
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To the Ends of the Universe, 26th April 2013

Guests Pen Hadow, Belinda Kirk and Don Paterson were chaired by Katie Derham.

Explorers have lost their appeal, tarred with the brush of colonialism and exploitation. Space travel is unfunded and unloved. Have we made a mistake?  Should we regain our sense of adventure and seek new challenges, or is this a male fantasy best consigned to the dustbin of imperial history?

“The thinking man’s explorer” (Times) Pen Hadow and record-breaking filmmaker Belinda Kirk went in search of adventure with poet and musician Don Paterson.

This event was part of the Philosophy Session at The Philosophy And Music Festival At Hay 2013.

Date: Sunday 26th May 2013,

Time: 4pm

Venue: global Hall

To find out more, please visit here

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