May 20, 2014 LONDON
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“Leadership at the front and beyond”. Board Dinner with General Sir Richard Shirreff KCB CBE MA (Oxon) recently retired Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, 20th May 2014

Fidelio hosted a private dinner with General Sir Richard Shirreff KCB CBE MA (Oxon) who recently retired as Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe.
As a Board Development and Executive Search consultancy, Fidelio is keenly interested in exemplary leadership as demonstrated by Sir Richard’s highly distinguished military career.
Sir Richard has operated from the tactical to strategic level, fought in a number of wars or other operations short of war in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Bosnia and Iraq and commanded on operations at every level from platoon to division.
Since 2007 Sir Richard has held senior command appointments in NATO, latterly as Deputy Supreme Allied Commander; a role demanding outstanding leadership skills at the strategic level where he has faced a number of international challenges, including Afghanistan, Libya, the Balkans and, most recently, the fall out from events in the Crimea and the crisis in Ukraine.
Given this impressive arc of experience, Sir Richard is ideally positioned to explore “Leadership at the front and beyond”.
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