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Leadership and ActionAid UK – Fidelio Board Breakfast with Margaret Casely-Hayford, Chair of ActionAid UK, 28 July 2015

As a Board Development and Executive Search consultancy, Fidelio focuses on the composition and calibre of the leadership team.  This is a key determinant of success for organisations in the commercial sector, as it is for non-profit organisations.

To help us explore the similarities and differences between corporate and non-profit leadership, we welcomed Margaret Casely-Hayford, Chair of ActionAid UK as guest speaker at Fidelio’s Board breakfast.  Margaret, until recently, Director of Legal Services and Company Secretary of John Lewis Partnership, has held leadership positions in the non-profit and corporate world.  Over breakfast Margaret shared her insights and addressed the following topics:

  • What are the specific challenges of Chairing a non-profit organisation? How transferable are leadership skills between the corporate and non-profit sectors?
  • What motivated Margaret to take the role of Chair of ActionAid UK?
  • How has Margaret’s experience at ActionAid UK shaped her view of leadership?

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