March 1, 2022 Zoom
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‘Subsidiary Governance – Pitfalls and Myth-Busting’ Webinar

Fidelio will host a Zoom Webinar – ‘Subsidiary Governance – Pitfalls & Myth-Busting’  on Tuesday 1st March.

Gillian Karran-Cumberlege, Head of Chair Advisory and Co-Founder at Fidelio Partners, & Sam Tymms, Managing Director of Promontory Financial Group Ltd will explore subsidiary governance, the challenges and what works. This will include:

  • The history of subsidiary governance – why we are where we are
  • Myth-busting – what does and doesn’t sit at subsidiary Board level
  • The broader universe of subsidiary Boards – what can be learned from Financial Services

This webinar is relevant for all Directors – whether Executive or Non-Executive, as well as main Board Directors with subsidiary oversight.

This webinar is by invitation only. For more information, please get in touch.

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