October 28, 2020 Cologne
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Fidelio and CMS’s “Die Frauenquote – An Update on Diversity in German and UK Boardrooms”

Fidelio and CMS will hold the fifth annual seminar “Die Frauenquote – An Update on Diversity in German and UK Boardrooms”.

The seminar will be held on 28th October 2020 at CMS Hasche Sigle (Kranhaus 1, Im Zollhafen 18, 50678 Cologne).

To help us explore how to increase diversity in the Boardroom and at the Executive level, we look forward to welcoming the following panellists:

  • Anne Ruth Herkes, Non-Executive Director, Quintet Private Bank; Deputy Chair of the Board, Merck Finck Privatbankiers AG; Advisory Board Member, The Shaikh Group; Member of the Advisory Council, Diplomatic Academy of Vienna; former State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, Germany
  • Christiane Dalhbender, Associate General Counsel Antitrust & Global Customers, Mars Inc.
  • Philine Erfurt Sandhu, Academic Director, Strategic Competence for Women on Supervisory Boards Certification Programme, University of Economics and Law Berlin
  • Bettina Karsch, Managing Director of Personnel, Vodafone Germany
  • Björn Honekamp, Head of IT and technology law, Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Hildegard Bison, Member of the Management Board, BP Europa SE
  • Gillian Karran-Cumberlege, Head of Chair Advisory, Fidelio Partners; Board Member, Chapter Zero; former Non-Executive Director, Jaguar Land Rover India; former Global Head of Investor Relations, Volkswagen AG (moderator)

This panel discussion promises once again to offer practical insights and recommendations as to what will move the dial, as well as sharing learnings as to what works.

For more information, please contact Jamie at jcarruthers@fideliopartners.com.

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