June 14, 2022 London
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Chair Colloquium: ‘The Role of the Chair & Employee Engagement’

Fidelio’s Chair Colloquium is the opportunity for Chairs across a range of sectors and organisations to meet in person and explore key aspects of Board effectiveness.

Companies face profound changes in work patterns and employee expectations which increasingly warrant Board attention. Hence our first Chair Colloquium focuses on “The Role of the Chair & Employee Engagement”.

Key questions for the Chair include:

  1. How does the Chair ensure good insight and understanding of employee sentiment within the organisation? What works in terms of engagement?
  2. What oversight is the Board providing as new policies and work practices are established? What are the implications for talent development and acquisition, as well as productivity?
  3. What role does the Chair play in considering employee expectations and the expectations of other stakeholders?

The discussion will provide practical insight for the Chair into what works and how other Chairs and Boards are approaching the employee engagement.

This Breakfast Discussion is by personal invitation only. Please contact Amy at for more information.

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