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25 February 2022

GBR: ‘Key Drivers in the Property Market in Germany and the UK’

The German British Roundtable (GBR) exists to deepen and strengthen relations between Germany and the UK, building bridges through dialogue between senior business leaders, including engagement with political leaders.

Fidelio is pleased to host these Roundtables on behalf of the German British Forum, exploring key issues on the agenda of business and political leaders in the UK and Germany.

With the changes in work patterns driven by the pandemic and the imperative of decarbonisation, the future of property has never been as uncertain, nor as exciting!

To help us explore these mega trends and the impact on the property market in Germany and the UK, for February's roundtable we were joined by three very experienced senior business leaders in the property sector: Susanne Eickermann-Riepe, Chair of the RICS European World Regional Board; Duncan Owen, Chief Executive Officer of Immobel Capital Partners and Non-Executive Director of Workspace; and Simon Prichard, Chair of RICS UK and Ireland Board.

For more information, please contact Amy (

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