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28 February 2024

Fidelio Webinar: ‘From Board Evaluation to Performance Review’

Fidelio Webinar: From Board Evaluation to Performance Review Raising the bar on Board performance

Boards face ever more complex challenges, while stakeholder scrutiny intensifies.  

Board performance matters. Assessment methods need to reflect this reality, providing clear perspective on the Board and of individual Directors. Practical recommendations are key.  

Fidelio conducts Board evaluations globally. In this webinar we reviewed: 

  • International trends in Board performance review 

  • What works in terms of assessment methodology 

  • Linking the review to Board performance  

This webinar was designed for those tasked with arranging and conducting Board  performance reviews, in particular the Company Secretary, General Counsel, Chief People Officer, Senior Independent Director and Chair.  

The Fidelio team were joined on Wednesday, February 28th by our guests for a stimulating session where we had the opportunity to address their questions on assessing Board performance.


For further information please contact Kirsty Maylin at

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