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28 January 2022

Fidelio Webinar: ‘Climate Change Governance – The Role of the Board'

Fidelio was pleased to host a Zoom Webinar- ‘Climate Change Governance – The Role of the Board' - on Friday 28th January.

This webinar explored the critical role of the Board in guiding companies towards Net Zero.

Key themes included:

  • Board accountability and climate change

  • Where and how the Board can make an impact

  • Board liability – the risks of greenwashing and inaction

  • Reporting and access to capital / the role the Board and its Committees

  • Climate change competence in the Boardroom

Fidelio sees Boards internationally upskilling to reflect both the challenges and opportunities created by climate change. In this webinar the Fidelio team shared trends that we are seeing in Boardrooms internationally regarding climate change and also map out practical steps for Chairs and individual Board Members to strengthen climate change competence in the Boardroom.

For more information, please contact Amy at

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