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12 February 2020

Fidelio Board Breakfast ‘ESG – Expectations for the Chair’

ESG is shaping investor expectations of the Board and the Chair. Fidelio, the Board Development and Search firm, held a Board breakfast on Wednesday 12th February 2020 entitled “ESG – Expectations for the Chair”.  


We were joined by Chairs and Non-Executive Directors from both asset owners and issuers from a range of geographies, including Anne Broeng, Chair of Velliv (Denmark’s 3rd largest pension fund) and Board Member at ATP (Denmark’s largest pension fund and one of Europe’s largest investors).


Key themes explored at the breakfast included the impact of the rise of ESG investing on:


  1. Investor expectations for the Chair

  2. Board composition

  3. Guidance, targets and remuneration


For more information on this highly topical Chair discussion, please click here.

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