Fidelio offers targeted and bespoke Board and Executive development, bringing external perspectives into the Boardroom; enhancing Board dynamic and supporting Boards to navigate complexity and disruption. This includes tailored Board modules, induction programmes and succession planning.

The Board faces material challenges at an ever faster pace, including from:

  • Digitalisation
  • Geopolitical instability
  • Activism
  • Anti-business sentiment
  • Climate change
  • Regulatory burdens

Fidelio supports Boards to increase effectiveness through bespoke development programmes including: Board modules with international experts with practical experience of tackling major challenges; and a range of tailored of programmes addressing Board dynamic, stronger governance and how the Board adds value.


The Board is increasingly focused on the strength of the Executive Committee, and the Executive pipeline. Fidelio provides in-house programmes drawing on the experience and success of the “A Seat at the Table” programme.

Fidelio provides:

  • Bespoke and targeted development of senior Executives, focusing on the five attributes of leadership that form the basis of the “A Seat at the Table” programme
  • Succession-planning – building the Executive pipeline and supporting organisations to ensure the leadership team is “fit for the future”
  • Support with onboarding of new hires to the Executive team


Fidelio’s bespoke Board and Executive development enables Boards and leaders to embrace challenge and manage complexity



Tailoring Board and leadership development to organisation-specific challenges



Equipping Boards with powerful insights to ensure they are "fit for the future"



Supporting organisation to build a strong and diverse executive pipeline



Deep insight into shareholder and stakeholder expectations for the Board

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Fidelio’s Founding Partners are supported by a multi-lingual in-house research team, and globally situated external consultants with a wealth of governance and business expertise

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Board Director, International Educational Body

I find Fidelio Partner’s approach to senior management teams, Board, governance and risk to be very thoughtful.

Chairman, Large Quoted Retailer

The process was extremely efficient from start to finish and we were very impressed by Fidelio’s professionalism and attention to detail.

Company Secretary and Head of Governance, Major Global Professional Body and Regulator

We were delighted with the quality of the candidates we had to select from.

Company Secretary and Head of Governance, Major Global Professional Body and Regulator

Thank you for your…positive impact of your work on Board Evaluation…bringing up the issue in your questionnaire and addressing it in the one on one interviews were critical for preparing further internal discussions.

Senior Independent Director, FTSE 250 Extractive Business

From my perspective you did an excellent job…and I think we benefited hugely from your expertise as well as from your calm and thoughtful style of engagement with us.”

Senior Independent Director, Major Arts Organisation
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