Exploring the relationship between Board composition, calibre of leadership and good governance.

Aug 2018

Introduction The performance of Germany’s major companies is highly regarded internationally, especially the ability to export high quality products that consumers want to buy. What role does governance play in Germany’s business performance? The German system of corporate governance is fundamentally different from that of the UK or USA. It operates under a two-tier Board […]

Aug 2018

Continuous Board Learning – Imperative Not Optional    Whereas ten years ago it was broadly assumed that Board Members brought substantial experience when they joined the Board, it is now recognised that this alone is not enough. The pace of change and, in particular, the demands of technology mean that Boards need to think carefully […]

Jul 2018

The UK Financial Reporting Council (FRC) updated its Corporate Governance Code last week and made a clear link between good governance and Board diversity.  In the context of composition, succession and evaluation, the Code makes explicit and repeated reference to diversity: “Both appointments and succession plans should be based on merit and objective criteria and, […]

Jun 2018

Introduction Fidelio regularly conducts Board Evaluations for public companies, not-for-profit organisations and regulators in our work building effective Boards and leadership teams. Board Evaluation is now a standard feature of the Board calendar and Fidelio sees Chairmen putting the Evaluation to good use – probing questions, practical recommendations. But what of the shareholders? What value […]

May 2018

The value of executive onboarding is clear. At a senior level it reduces the risk of organ rejection and sets the new hire up to succeed. In our work with Chairmen building Boards fit for the future, Fidelio is now seeing a recognition of the importance of onboarding for new Board Members going above and […]

Apr 2018

Introduction Companies quite rightly care about Search outcomes. Shareholders and regulators increasingly also care about the governance of Search. Against a backdrop of public disquiet regarding corporate governance – Carillion, Wells Fargo, Institute of Directors (UK), Oxfam and Volkswagen – the process of Board and senior appointments is understandably also subject to scrutiny. In this […]

Apr 2018

Introduction UK headlines have been dominated by news of the gender pay gap, placing the topic firmly on the Board agenda. Tuesday 4th April was the deadline for UK companies with over 250 employees to submit their gender pay gap reporting data. Over 10,000 organisations in the UK have now publicly shared their data, with the final figure […]

Mar 2018

Introduction Public company Boards are much in the public eye – sadly frequently for the wrong reasons. While still aspirational, the public company Board has become a much less comfortable place to sit. Business disruption and increasing shareholder and stakeholder scrutiny combine to create a near perfect storm for many of our major companies.  It […]

Mar 2018

Introduction Board Evaluation has become a standard tool for quoted companies seeking to increase Board effectiveness. Originally a response to regulators and shareholders, Board Evaluation is evolving from a tick box exercise with a heavy compliance focus to a valuable tool for Chairmen in navigating complexity and disruption. Fidelio’s focus is building Boards fit for […]

Feb 2018

Boards – private or quoted, non-profit or commercial – face unprecedented challenge and disruption. Fidelio’s research with leading Chairmen reveals a heightened focus on Board composition: Board readiness is contingent on having the right mix of good people at the top table. To achieve this in a rapidly moving unstable environment, succession planning is key. Based […]

Jan 2018

Against a backdrop of disruption and change, succession planning has become a top priority.  Organisations must be able to secure a broad and diverse range of talent, and possess the agility to respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances. Succession planning has acquired such importance at Executive level that it has attracted the attention of regulators and […]

Dec 2017

In 2017, Fidelio had the privilege and opportunity to work with Boards and support Chairmen internationally from the UK to the US, across continental Europe and in major markets including India, Russia and China. Fidelio’s clear focus is building highly effective Boards through Search, Development and Evaluation. These are our three key takeaways for 2018:  […]

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